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BioAcoustic Evaluation

Over the past 20+ years, the pioneering field of Human BioAcoustic Biology, using the human voice, has been collecting vocalizations to identify patterns that are related to healthy functioning in humans--physically, emotionally and mentally. Using the idea that the voice is a holographic representation of health and wellness, these non-invasive techniques have advanced to the extent that a computerized Vocal Profile, using a system of numeric Frequency Equivalents, can be used to accurately quantify, organize, interpret, define and extrapolate biometric information from the human voice.

The emerging model of “Math as Medicine” being assembled from Human BioAcoustic research data has the potential to allow voice spectral analysis to be used to predict and identify health issues from the very first cries of a newborn all the way through the aging process.

Human BioAcoustics can most aptly be described as a cross between music therapy and biofeedback. Vocal Profiling proposes the idea that the body requires the presence of a full range of harmonious frequencies working cooperatively.

Assessment of the person's voice and subsequent application of sound patterns to balance the discordant frequencies helps retune the body to optimal functioning.

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