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Services Offered

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Soul Coaching: $150/session

    $1500/12 sessions

Coaching is available in personal one-on-one sessions.  Individual coaching can be purchased as needed or with a package plan.  

Sound and Light therapy

-Individual Personalized Assessment $299 

This service includes a scan of your voiceprint for Body, Mind, and Spirit (Biofield) frequencies that would help identify and balance your overall body harmony.

Body scan includes: Organs, Glands, Spine, Digestion, Vitamins, Body Systems, Hormones, Herbs,

Mind scan includes: Brain, Emotions, Bach Flower essences and Neurotransmitters

Spirit (Biofield) includes: Aura, Chakras, Meridians, Toroids, Solfeggio and Nogier frequencies, Color 


Clearing and Cleaning $100

We offer three types of Clearing and Cleaning.

  1. Ho'Oponopono
  2. 5 Element Energy Fields--water, wood, fire, earth, metal
  3. Chakras
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